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  • Pure Argan oil 50ml
    Pure argan oil 50 ml
    24.90 incl. BTW

    Arganique has a healing and protective effect on: wrinkles • dry dehydrated skin • light skinburn • dry damaged hair • hair loss • prurit • scars • fissures • irritated scalp • eczema • age spots • dry, chapped lips • dermal irritation • brittle nails • psoriasis • acne • stretch marks • skin alterations • thread veins • sunburn • hard skin Benefits of Arganique: Antioxidant • protective • nourishing • restoring and calming • revitalising • soothing • penetrating • wound healing • anti-inflammatory • regenerating • refining • toning • make-up removing • anti- pruriticpruritis

  • Cactus anti-age 50ml
    Cactus anti-age 50 ml
    34.90 incl. BTW

    Arganique argan oil in combination with cactus seed oil works very effectively against skin aging and dehydration. Both oils are strong antioxidants, thus protecting the cells from all kinds of harmful influences. By daily use of this wonderful composition, your skin, hair and nails are extra protected. Benefits of Arganique with cactus seed oil: Antioxidant • anti-aging • caring • protective • nourishing • restoring • soothing • calming • penetrating • hydrating • regenerating • revitalising • refining • anti-inflammatory • wound healing

  • Product Lavendel
    Lavender wellness 50ml
    27.90 incl. BTW

    Arganique arganolie met lavendel zorgt voor en ontspant het lichaam in alle zachtheid. Lavendel heeft een zuiverend en genezend effect, verlicht de geest en kalmeert spieren en zenuwen. Deze natuurlijke verzorging brengt lichaam en geest in evenwicht. Voordelen van Arganique met lavendel: • Kalmerende • reiniging • vochtinbrengend • rustgevend • ontspannend • stressverlagend • antibacterieel • pijnstillend • ontstekingsremmend • tonisch • stimulerend • antiseptisch • doordringend • anti-pruritisch

  • Eucalyptus treatment massage
    Eucalyptus treatment massage 50ml
    27.90 incl. BTW

    Arganique argan oil with eucalyptus is a true benefactor for the body. Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, this oil is extremely suitable for the treatment of arthritis, nerve pain and muscle aches, colds, bronchitis, head lice, acne. Benefits of Arganique with eucalyptus: Anti-bacterial • analgesic • anti-inflammatory • cooling and refreshing • stimulating • antiseptic • penetrating • soothing • calming • cleansing • moisturizing • anti-pruritic • relaxing

  • Jojoba hair repair
    Jojoba hair repair 50ml
    27.90 incl. BTW

    Arganique argan oil with jojoba has a restoring and nourishing effect on both skin and hair. The rich formula feeds the hair intensively and gives it a radiant healthy shine. This oil is suitable for any skin type and can also be used for the fat skin by jojoba's sebum regulating action. Benefits of Arganique with jojoba: Nourishing • restoring • caring • penetrating • soothing • sebum regulating • protective • mousturizing • anti-pruritic • antioxidant • calming • natural UV-filter • anti-inflammatory

  • Coco sun tanning
    Coco sun tanning 50ml
    27.90 incl. BTW

    Arganique argan oil with coconut and carrot oil is your ideal partner during tanning. Carotene provides a beautiful brown tint and also protects lightly against sunburn. Combined with coconut oil, both your skin and your hair are extra protected. Benefits of Arganique with coconut and carrot oil: Protective • caring • penetrating • soothing • calming • cleansing • moisturizing • anti-pruritic • anti-fungal • natural UV-filter • antioxidant • nourishing • restoring • anti-aging • anti-bacterial

  • Jasmine facial & body massage
    Jasmine facial & body massage 50ml
    27.90 incl. BTW

    Arganique argan oil with jasmine has a relaxing effect on body and mind. Jasmine is very suitable for dry and sensitive skin and promotes skin elasticity. In addition, jasmine balances the hormonal system and creates self-confidence and optimism. Benefits of Arganique with jasmine: Caring • restoring • nourishing • penetrating • anti-bacterial • soothing • anti-inflammatory • stimulating • analgesic • wound healing • stress-reducing • muscle cramps soothing